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I love that i can get a hundred percent on my social studies test :). I hope that i can pass my math tests tho. Uughhhh. Anyways i’ve been playing ms again.. Llve that game now. Soo many stuff to do!!! Hmmm oh yeah blogging on this is awesome. I always play with the ipad.


Lots of hw!!!!

Well I’m just saying that if I had a choice between homework and becoming rich and famous but stupid, I’ll probably choose hw. I don’t want to be stupid when I’m grow up. That’s not what my parents taught me, and im freaking azn. I. Solo itchy. California is like hot but very breezy today so I like It. My skull is kinda weird cuz we have like three periods per day right? So we have an extra day to do my hw. I should probably do my math hw. Tho there isn’t much. Uhhh gotta go :) thanks for reading my blog!

iPad frenzyy

Using my familys ipad to type this. Hmm I got nothing to do seriously!!!!!!!! Anyways pe was so hard today I feel like sleeping for ever!!!!! Well my smurfs village is like done with growing potatoes so i should go. Bye!!