Wah, our school pe teachers decided to give us presentations that we had to practice in front of EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We worked really hard and failed at the end, but we still got 44/50! Not that bad! Also, after the final day of showing our presentations, we had to play knock it off. I’m starting to think that me and this guy has this fate or destiny or whatever you call it is forcing us to be togther. First, our team played against the guy’s team right? aND i pretended to be like “ok sure whatever” but i was SCREAMING INSIDE. I was like “HOLY CRAP I SUCK AT THIS! THEY’LL JUST LAUGH AT ME WOW” and I sorta ran too fast and the grass was kinda slippery so I slammed into him. He didn’t say anything but I was like “…Sorry!!!” everytime I think about it, I fall into heaps of death. Aghhhh, what kind of girl am I?!??!?!?! Anyways enough about that incident. Then I find out that our trail groups was with his too! And I was like “woah, what a coincidence.” I don’t wanna embarrass myself in front of him AGAIN! I’ll just start being cool. and I asked my mom for a new jacket so i would look cool and finally have ANOTHER jacket unlike..ugh. never mind its too ugly.