1.) MY SCHOOL IS TAKING US TO A TRIP TO CATALINA!!!! A camp too! For four days :) I cannot WAIT! There would be night diving, awesome food, having to live in a cabin with a bitch and her loser friends, and best of all being with my friends!

now, that certain BITCH made me so freaking angry after like 4-5 sentences of conversation. and it was my first time meeting with her.

I shall tell you what happened.

“Could you move away from the list? I can’t see.”

“Uh, could you PUH LEASE add please at the end?” She said mockingly.

“….please?!” Shockingly i said, I might add.

“Sure, cuz you were kinda RUDE back there.”

ugh and before that she slammed her stupid ugly fat fingers on teh wall saying “I don’t wanna be in the same CABIN as them!!!”  I wanted to slap her so hard. but, it was during school, so I can’t say anything . D:<

2.) Suicide websites

I don’t get why people do these things. Why do they hate life? I consider it a gift to live. If they truly weren’t meant to be living a human’s life, why not an ant? you die easier. I heard there were websites that actually have tips and tricks to kill yourself or which one is more PAINFUL than the others. they don’t realize the essence of life, yet they take it so easily. Maybe they just had a sucky life? i mean, sure it would be nice to stop them..but its their choice. maybe the reason they wanted to kill themself is because they can’t CHOOSe anything in this world. gosh, I’m sounding really emo right now. Next topic please~!

3.) Japan Tsunami/Loony Toon guy saying world would end in about 4 hours.

I wonder if that loony bin is preparing to die or something. The world is gonna end when the sun ends. Which is in. .what 5 billion years from now? Yeah, like someone is gonna live THAT long. Even immortal people can die from people stabbing, shooting, and poisoning them. I never heard or read in a book that an immortal lived that long. Come on people, the acropolises isn’t real, so is 2012. I dont really care if its real or not, its better if humanity dies anyways. All we do is kill the earth for our own gain, whats so good to live for? Sure, dreams about jobs and saving the earth and whatnot for young people, but face it, it can never be achieved. I know I sound kinda depressing right now, but its the hard blunt truth and I never lie.

Hmph, about the Tsunami. I don’t think it can get any more worse from now on, since the news aren’t reporting it as much as it started it must’ve been kinda going down a little. But, I’m kinda scared about that nuclear war plant. They should really do it under water, so much better right? I mean all you gotta do is open the roof of the underwater lab and everything will just flow down.

Well, my closing topic for today.
I seriously need a hobby. Like, I got nothing to do. I enjoy writing and typing thats for sure, but nothing really stands out. i don’t have enough money to actually start printing and publishing books, but maybe in the future? i’ll be a famous author. Lol, what a childish dream huh? oh wells, maybe I should accomplish that before I die. hm, what am I gonna live for? Maybe living in the streets that would be adventurous. get some writing material out of it. Oh look, it turned 3 o’clock. I’m just blabbing out here. This is what blogs are for right?  Well we will see if that loony bin was right. Three more hours and counting. See you in a little while. I’ll update after 6 o’clock. Or not.