Well, for all your people that don’t really follow blues music or jazz, Amy Winehouse just died recently. It’s suspected to be of drug overdose, and died at the young age of 28. You know, there are a lot of celebrities and unknowns that die of drug overdose and I keep thinking, why the hell are people still doing it?
I mean, it’s like a suicidal attempt, only that you don’t want to die. You just keep on using the damn drugs for no reason, and think that life is going to reward you for using drugs. Well, news flash, nothing is going to come out of using drugs. Heck, the only thing that does come out of it is death. I’m sure that you want that, really.
Amy Winehouse, you will forever be in our hearts.
As a person who sang powerfully, and as an idiot for killing your own soul. Have a nice afterlife.