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about what u ask? about something :)

its just that the END of something sad. One question: where is the place where demons and humans are equal?

now THAT is a question, hmm, what to type. I hate cliffhangers, I mean why can authors and writers just end everything in a tiny little red bow? everybody’s happy content everything! All the questions are answered.


A New Discovery. For me.

When you blog something thats in the news, you get more views. I know I’m quite stupid for not NOTICING at ALL. I mean I got like about 20 views for my tuscan murder blog.

Heard recently that the rep. gabby opened her eyes. I wonder if the skull can rebuild itself? MM! *shrugs* and I’m happy that the little girl got some recognition. Wuts the little girl’s parents doing now? Mourning? Doing shows across the country about following their dreams and never give up because  u never know if the most NORMAL day could be ur last? She had about like 61 years! She might’ve helped the country. I don’t know why that little girl’s story made me sad than the others, maybe because I’m a kid just like her?

Yea, that might be it. Anyways, I might have a lowered life span because of my MAYBE disease. I feel okay right now. Full from dinner. Nothing changed. Hate the extra attention tho. But i didn’t know my sister…sigh. I can’t do anything but hope for the best. I wish all u people won’t get a random disease. You always hope its not u right? Well, it has to be someone. it could be you, or someone close to you.

Don’t do reckless things, little girl’s parents. Don’t kill yourself. Do what your daughter wanted you to do. Help the kids, help anyone thats mentally disabled because they watched the movie 2012. Tell them its bullcrap, and if it really was real, live to the fullest. Nothing else matters. Confess to ur life long crush, kiss your first kiss, hug ur best friend. travel the world. Anything,but don’t give up :)


no, this isn’t something to get attention. I’m 12. (yes i’m admitting this!)

and I might have it.

crap right?

it was a BEAUTIFUL day, warm sunny, blue skiess. A typical california day u’d think. but it all came crashing down. I went to the doctors cuz i need to retake a urine test (….yeah….) so i went. but then my doctor said, I might have

(the name keeps escaping me…uhhh…)

hypothyroidism cancer. or disease. That means I don’t produce enuff thyroids I’m guessing. But, I don’t meet certain symptoms.

its supposed to be found in the blood if there isn’t enuff, and apparently mines ..lacking. worst part? my sis has it too.

I said i might. remember. MIGHT. it says sometimes the thingy in the throat goes back to making the right amount. So, I’m hoping. who knows I might believe in god if its a miracle. But, I believe in science. and if he kills me for not believing him, then he isn’t for the good right? he thought he got the whole world wrapped around his finger when everyone believed in him. but i wonder what he’s feeling now that some people are athiests. assuming of course he is real.

I think its just something someone (who knows when) made him up when people were down, and depressed becuz of war and wanted to lighten up the spirits. then they slipped some drugs into the first believers and told them nonsense. or maybe ppl in the future used time machines and made everything up! Who knows thousands of years from now there would be technology like this! I’m sure there is a reason why they made god up tho. Prob because their era was so messed up and ppl kept dying cuz of mad scientists they decided to change for the better.

Ok, so im going to the library tomorrow wif my friends. Only my mom knows though. If my dad knew it would go along the lines like this.

Worst Case Scenario:


“uh, no i’m not going ALONE. 2 of my friends are coming WIF me.”




Most “jumping to conclusion” scenario:

“ur gonna get raped. or kidnapped for ransom.”

“that is really going over the edge dad. seriously. kidnapping?! ransom?!”


“I’m not going alone. i’m going with 2 of my friends!”
“are those boys.”




6 dead

12 injured

among the dead:

1 federal judge

1 9 year old girl

god. who will kill a NINE year old GIRL?! Its just SAD! Who would do such a thing. Her story was that she was just elected student president and wanted to see a politic person in action! And then this MEAN OLD 22 YEAR OLD GUY just SHOOTS HER D:

I can’t imagine what the parents are going through. That is the most sad part. ):

Reason behind the killing?

His reason:

Because its only one more year til 2012 (which a scientist guy said was supposed to be like 2212) he decided he would kill people I don’t know why. Maybe he thought “its only one more year. What if they did send me to prison?” He got freaked out cuz of the movie “2012” (TOTALLY SAD BUT AWESOME)

and reading all the articles and the fanatic’s opinions about it. He decided maybe it was time to let go. or something. That guy is a douche bag. Killing that little girl! I would prefer to live life to the fullest! Nothing wrong. i still wanna go watch MOVIES! Especially green hornet D:

I hate him. Totallly. You reading this jerk? Cuz I will totally watch when you say sorry to the little girl’s parents. think about what’ve you done.

I guess thats it. I have to go brush my teeth+sleep. night :)

(Note to ppl: I made the title mistakes because…welll i just love it.You’ll see why.)

She kept on texting back and forth between her boyfriend and her best friends. It was finally time for the “fated meeting” she giggled at the thought of meeting her “one true love”. LIttle did she know she was soooo wrong there was nothing RIGHT about it. yes, there is another BOY!

Justin: Hey babe.

secret boyfriend. had no name so i gave him a name. Anyways. the girls name is Sarah. YEAH SARAH :)*

Sarah: omg. justin! <333

Justin: I thought you forgot about me ):

Sarah: NEVER. >< I loovveee you :D

Justin: I know I know ;) Hey you here yet? Be careful.

Sarah: I will you are sooo worrisome XD

Justin: heh :)

Because of the late hour, she had to sneak around the grand hallways. Noises would be heard of the teachers on duty, and she had to tiptoe quietly. She hacked into her GPS tracking device to shut it down for 30 minutes so the computer “Fortuna” wouldn’t suspect too much. Like maybe she was going to the bathroom and thought it was quite private.

“Justin?!” She whispered into the room.

“Sarah?” He whispered back.

They laughed silently in each others arms comfortable being close to each other. They would talk forever something that they couldn’t talk normally in the halls. They couldn’t think of anything else to say so they kissed each other goodnight and sneaked back to bed.

Sorry I had to cut this chapter short. the stupid time date and the actual date is all wrong D:<

do you like the bunny in the background? Oh and don’t pay too much attention to titles. they are quite..random


This bunny can be bought at wong fu productions website. no i am not affiliated with them in anyway. I just think the bunny made a good background and to support them I put it up :)


Well, I just wanted to say something about myself. Today  is special. When my dad comes home and all chaos is released. He just has to come home yelling and crap. Don’t worry its nothing serious :P

MMMM anyways, I’m young. Won’t tell you how old. :D (STALKER D:) I don’t have a job yet so I’m using the FREE version of wordpress. No wonder, always if there is something free on the internet there has to be ONE way for them to make moolah right? I think the prices here are OUTRAGEOUS! Hmm, well I get nothing out of posting here but I like it. Its not costing ME a penny, but costing my parents for paying internet..HAHAHAHAHA :D

I’m gonna grow old and get a JOB. I swear, a job that will make me freaking happy and let me buy as much iPads as I WANT! And tons of BMW cars and such…oh yeah my next post is about the continuation of the academy story right? the sorta like fanfiction of the Gallagher girls and stuff. See yah :D my keyboard is so loud. I have a lappy top :)

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I’m so bored. 5 more hours till I sleep. What should I do? Its the last day of the weekend so tomorrow is 5 more days of horror and SCHOOL. I didn’t even PRACTICE YET D: omgomgomgogm I have an orchestra thingy, and its on TUESDAY! Should I start NOW OR MONDAY EEP?!

So yesterday, this guy like confessed to me. Sorta. But I rejected him :) sorta. I liked someone else I told him the name we’re ok now.


Here’s my novel.

Shana stared at the marble floor  behind her. She was sitting crossed legged and was thinking deeply. the river was flowing right infront of her. It didn’t make any sense to put marble OUTSIDE, but it was her parents, what could she do? As she meditated, a butler came with her meal of the day.

“Your french fries and burger madam.” He bowed curtly.

“Oh, thank you very much, Miles!” She nodded gracefully.