Have you EVER thought that you were alone in this world? That your opinions were..so off the “normal radar”? Trust me, I’ve been there. My opinions are totally WACK. How wack? I dunno maybe thinking that everything unexplained in the past or history could’ve been done by people in the future using time travel machines that we so often FANTASIZE?!

Its true, you might think that its total fiction but 100 years from now, a different universe (before they made unexplained things happen in OUR history) they decided they needed to change the course of time, just by one tiny change. The one that led to America’s freedom and war against Great Britain in the Revolutionary War. They might’ve shot the UNEXPLAINED shot. They might have made great leaders think they were dreaming about something and said that “God showed us the true image! He made us THINK OF THIS.”

It could’ve been just them. Anything can explain it. I dunno, I just think of the people disappearing from their present and their lost thought after they changed the course of time was “I hope I changed the past a little bit better.” couldn’t they have atleast showed us how to save the world from destruction first? I mean sure America’s history is awesome and all but a more important matter is saving humanity. Hence, global warming?!